Tillers and cultivators take the pain out of digging

The Cobra range consists of many products which have been specifically designed to meet Irish lawn and garden conditions. The range is deliberately priced to provide a cost-effective yet hard working solution for Irish gardeners without compromising on quality.

Emerald Ground Care is pleased to offer new Cobra petrol, electric and hand-push lawn mowers, plus a full range of other powered garden equipment including mini riders and lawn tractors, lawn scarifiers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, cultivators, blower vacuums and a garden multi tool system.  

As we are all only too aware, Ireland has quite unique lawn conditions. But this is not a problem for Cobra mowers. They feature uniquely flexible height of cut adjustment with a larger than usual collection system. Cobra garden cultivators have powerful engines to cope with the wide range of soil conditions found in Ireland.

Petrol power extends across Cobra garden maintenance tools with two options for chainsaws, cultivators and brush cutters. Cobra also offers a lighter weight range of electric tools including three electric chainsaws, a long reach pole pruner, hedge trimmers and two blower vacuums to help keep your garden under control.

The aim of the Cobra range is to make the customer’s choice easy. The market contains a bewildering range of options for products but Cobra hopes that by offering everything that gardeners need under one brand, the customer’s decision making process will be simplified.

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