Cobra MX4140V 16″ Lithium-ion 40V Cordless Lawnmower

The Cobra MX4140V lawn mower is a cordless, battery-powered mower with 41cm cutting width, and a metal body and curved handles that make it look like a petrol mower.

The MX4140V is powered by a 40V Samsung Lithium-ion battery. It has a 16 inch (41cm) cutting width with a quality steel cutting deck.

This cordless Cobra mower comes with all the advantages of a battery powered lawnmower. There is no annoying cord or extension lead. It is lighter, quieter and cleaner than a petrol mower. It needs less maintenance and is much quicker and easier to start!

With 7 adjustable height settings ranging from 25-75mm the mower can tackle both short and long grass and give a variety of finishes to your lawn.

The built-in power indicator enables you to monitor the charge left in the powerful Samsung 40V Li-ion battery as you mow.  The battery makes use of innovative lithium ion technology so it does not suffer from self-discharge or memory effect, meaning it can be recharged to full capacity after each use with no negative effects.

The grass bag on the Cobra MX4140V is made from a robust, high quality fabric. This fabric enables a strong free flow of air which means that grass collection on this machine is even more compact and comprehensive.

Weighing only 21kg and with a 50 litre collection bag the mower is ideal for small to medium sized lawns.

Emerald Groundscare Tip: Always ensure that battery is removed from the lawnmower after use

  • One  40V Li-ion Samsung battery with 4.0Ah capacity
  • Approx 30 minutes running time in ideal grass cutting conditions
  • Battery charger
  • 41cm (16″) steel deck
  • Built in power indicator
  • 7 adjustable cutting heights (25-75mm)
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Direct collection system (50 litre bag included)
  • Mulch plug included
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Cobra 2 year domestic warranty




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