Easy Petrol Post Driver – Marquee Model

Post Driver for Marquee Pins

Suitable for the following pin profiles;
• Mushroom head pin
• Double head pin
• Bent over pin

Due to the custom nature of this industry we require the following information:

• What are the dimensions of the pins; the pin head, any hooks/loops, the pin shaft. A drawing or photograph is very useful here.
• How much of the pins do you require to be left standing out of the ground? Or do they drive them right to the ground level?
With the above information we can provide a fixed quotation. Please contact us for information.
Due to the custom nature of these orders, we operate an approximate 2 week lead time.

Typical Users

• Wedding Marquees & Outdoor Events
• Construction
• Contractors

What is included?

• Marquee Pin Model Post Driver
• Tough Box and 1 litre Fuel Can.
• Instruction & Servicing Manual
• 6mm & 3mm Hex Key
• 5ml Loctite
• 50ml Crank Grease

Please note; this Marquee Model is not suitable for other types of post driving.
A conversion kit is available to convert into the regular Post Driver, plus accessories sold separately. Please contact us for information.

The maximum Marquee Pin/Tent Peg size is 60mm diameter head, & 30mm Diameter Pin Shaft

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