Easy Petrol Post Driver – with choice of Adapter

Designed to enable one man to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 100mm (4″) diameter.

Manufactured in Australia, the high impact hammer action of 1720 BPM will drive a post into the ground in a matter of seconds.

The power pack is the ultra-reliable Honda GX35T 4-Stroke Engine.


• Portable – No pipes and generators needed
• Lightweight, only 15.3kg
• Ideal for Steep ground and inaccessible locations
• Physically less demanding than traditional methods
• Can be used all day without operator fatigue


• Any shape from 10mm – 100mm Ø
• Fencing – Timber and Angle Iron Posts
• Landscaping – Tree Stakes
• Nurseries – Tree and plant support
• Vineyards – Especially steep hillsides
• Farming – Sheep and cattle fencing
• Construction – Temporary fencing/shuttering/ground pinning
• Contractors – Tent Stakes/Ground Anchors/Signage
• Festival/Fair Organisers – Signage/Temporary fencing

What is included?

One adapter; Choose from Round, Square or Rectangle.
Adapter sizes are:
-78mm Round, for post sizes 75mm / 3″
-84mm Round, for post sizes 80mm
-107mm Round, for post sizes 100mm / 4″
-32mm Square, for post sizes 30mm / 1″
-52mm Square, for post sizes 50mm / 2″
-80mm Square, for post sizes 75mm / 3″
-107mm Square, for post sizes 100mm / 4″
-4″ x 2″ Rectangle, for post sizes 4×2″ rectangle or 4″ half round
-4″ x 3″ Rectangle, for post sizes 4×3″ rectangle or 4″ half round
-5″ x 3″ Rectangle, for post sizes 5×3″ rectangle
-52mm Angle Iron, for Angle Iron Posts 52mm x 52mm x 8mm
-Estate Fencing, for iron estate fencing all sizes
(Other adapters can be purchased separately. All adapters are interchangeable with this machine.)

• Tough Box and 1 litre Fuel Can.
• Instruction & Servicing Manual
• 6mm & 3mm Hex Key
• 5ml Loctite
• 50ml Crank Grease

What is the biggest post it can drive?

The maximum capacity of the machine is 4” (100mm) round diameter.
Our largest adapter is 107mm internal diameter.
When the ground is very dry, compacted or stony, you will need to make a pilot hole for posts larger than 78mm. This can be either by hand using a Pilot-Bar, or mechanically using either our Pilot Core Tool or a mechanical earth Auger. Posts smaller than 78mm should not need a pilot hole. Ground conditions of Clay or Chalk may also require this method.

What adapters do I need?

• To get the most effective use from the Post Driver, the Adapter size must be a snug fit for your Posts. We recommend the Adapter must be no more than 5-10mm larger than your Post. For shaped posts; squares / t-shapes etc the outer corners need to be within this tolerance.
• If you are unsure what adapter are right for you, please contact us for advice specific for your application.
• If you have multiple adapter sizes our Multi Kit might suit you better; Click Here to look at the Multi Kit

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