Hansa C13 PTO Woodchipper

Serious smallholdings owners & orchardists need look no further. Simply hitch this chipper to your 540 RPM PTO and you have a machine that has the same capabilities as its engine powered equivalent. Maintenance is effortless with simple access to the knives. Suitable for any small tractor from 17 – 45HP.

The chute is designed with the user in mind. It includes a large opening (no pre-cutting necessary!) and is angled at a comfortable operating height to make the most of its self-feeding action.

The strong draught of the rotor allows mulch to discharge directly from outlet. Discharge directly onto the ground, into a trailer or stockpile with the swivel outlet chute.

Hansa chippers are made of steel, with 5mm thick housing and a 1 ¼” shaft on the C13 PTO, built to last a lifetime. All surfaces are media blasted prior to powder-coating for long term adhesion.

Blockages are rare, but should you need to clear the housing or access knives for servicing the chipper is designed to open up easily & safely.

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