Mowing the lawn can be a laborious task, especially if you’re dealing with sloped lawns or verges. It can also be a tricky and potentially dangerous job if you’re using traditional machines over uneven surfaces and steep slopes. Hover lawnmowers offer a practical and lightweight alternative, so you can get the job done without the backache.

Small banks are where hover mowers come into their own. They are incredibly maneuverable as they float above the grass so can be swept in a sideways motion to cut the grass on the bank with ease.

The AirMow range offers three versatile hover lawnmowers, providing the perfect cutting solution thanks to their innovative features and technology. Each hover lawnmower mimics our revolutionary design, allowing you to cut even the most difficult of spaces with ease.

Each model in the range floats effortlessly on a cushion of air, so you can glide across lawns with very little effort. The air between the mower and the ground also allows you to easily manoeuvre the machine in any direction so you don’t have to sacrifice on cutting ability. The machines in our AirMow range also provide a lightweight design, making it even easier to maintain sloped lawns compared to traditional models.

All three models come equipped with a 20” cutting width and also supply a 3-in-1 Wheel Kit System, so the mowers can easily travel across difficult and uneven surfaces, making it just as effortless to transport as it is to operate. The wheels can also be clipped back when they are not in use, or they can be removed completely.

With both petrol and battery powered models available, there’s a hover lawnmower to suit both domestic gardeners and professional landscapers.

As with all models it is best to contact us prior to any purchase to be sure of availability.

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