Billy Goat Overseeders / Rakes / Scarifiers

Is your lawn looking weak, worn-out and thin? Here and there some bare spots to fill? Overseeding can help you get your beloved green and thick lawn back. Keep your grass green and growing all year long with Billy Goat’s collection of overseeders. With innovative features like a hydrostatic drive system and intuitive controls on the OS901 and exclusive Auto Drop™ on all overseeders, incredibly simple operation and high germination rates can be expected.

With an overseeder you plant grass seeds directly into the existing lawn. Grassless areas will be filled with green grass again and the lawn will look thick and healthy. With overseeding you don’t need to take everything out and start from the beginning. You just apply some more grass.

Every Billy Goat overseeder is equipped with the exclusive Auto Drop™ feature. Auto Drop™ starts and stops seed drop automatically with bale engagement and disengagement. You can select the correct drop rate easily to fit your needs. The OS500 Series overseeders easily convert to a power rake for removing thatch, making this an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment. The OS900 Series overseeders are self propelled with intuitive operator controls, which means fatigue is reduced. Also the unique blade design reduces thatch and improves blade life.

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