Billy Goat Force Blowers

From small property residential to large property commercial leaf and debris clean-up, Billy Goat has a full line of wheeled and stand-on blowers.

The Force™ blowers are up to 30% lighter and deliver up to 7x the power of a backpack. Smooth composite versus steel housing is quieter and eliminates air voids for a smooth and powerful flow. Proprietary Aim n Shoot™ technology directs air flow from the handle.

Billy Goat offers a broad range of Force™ blowers. The F6 Series is lightweight and easy to push and manoeuvre, whereas the F13 and F18 Series are ideal for professional use. The self propelled machines reduce fatigue as there is no need to push the unit, resulting in increased productivity.

The commercial Hurricane™ Series stand-on blowers take clean-up productivity to a whole new level. These zero turn blowers provide great manoeuvrability, seamless operating controls and excellent comfort. Together with the rapid mount/dismount and robust blowing power with changeable air flow, these machines offer you the flexibility to complete your job faster and easier. The end result is fatigue-free operation and improved productivity for busy operators.

Please contact us prior to any purchase to confirm availability and lead time.

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