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Rear motor brush cutter that comes with both a line trimmer head and a three-sided metal blade for tough weeds. A single-shoulder harness (AP1500) is included for added comfort and longer usage period.

Cutting Width, Three Sided Blade: 30 cm
Cutting Width, Line Trimmer: 38 cm
Run Time 2.5Ah: 20 mins
Run Time 4.0Ah: 30 mins
Run Time 6.0Ah: 50 mins
Run Time 7.5Ah: 65 mins
Blade Material: Three-sided reversible steel blade
Speed Modes: Variable speed
Line Diameter: 2.4 mm
Line Feed: Rapid reload bump feed head
Rotating Direction: Anti Clockwise
Auxiliary Handle: Bike handle
Harness: Double Shoulder (harness not included)
Weight without Battery, Three Sided Blade: 4.54 kg
Weight without Battery, Line Trimmer Head: 4.43 kg
Motor Type: Brushless

No Battery or Charger included. Price includes VAT.

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