Billy Goat BGBCR4328BVECE Outback Ride-on 110CM

The Outback® 4WD Rider has been designed with a low centre of gravity in combination with a four-wheel drive system that enables it to tackle those hard-to reach places that would not have been accessible with traditional machines.

The spacious platform provides sufficient space and comfort for the operator. The heavy-duty mower deck is equipped with swing-back cutter blades that swing away when accidental contact is made with a solid object. These features help protect the mower deck and cutter blades from accidental damage.

Billy Goat Outback® ride-on brushcutters have set the highest standard for professional brush cutting equipment on the market. The new Outback® 4DW Rider continues to expand the Billy Goat line-up. Look no further than the Billy Goat Outback® when you are looking for the ultimate brush cutting machine.


Suggested Cutter deck size (cm) 110
Maximum Cutting Height (mm) 135
Lowest Cutting Height (mm) 50
Engine Vanguard 810cc EFI V-Twin
Drive Vanguard 810cc EFI V-Twin
Turning radius (cm) 128
Fuel Tank capacity (litres) Petrol 16 litre
Speed (mph) 6






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