Cobra Fortis 17B, 17″ Cylinder Lawnmower

17″ Cobra Fortis Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower
The Cobra Fortis 17B has a 17″ 6 bladed cylinder for the ultimate in precision cutting. The variable height adjustment ranging from 6mm to 30mm combined with the cast split ribbed rear roller produces a finely manicured lawn with a beautiful striped finish. Fully compatible with the Fortis lawncare cartridge system.
› Engine: Briggs & Stratton XR550 / Drive Type: Self Propelled
› Cutting Width: 43cm / 17″ / Cutting Height: 6mm – 30mm
› 3 – 30mm with 10 Bladed Cartridge Attachment (Sold Separately)
› 4.2km/h at 2800RPM
› 6 Blade Cutting Cylinder / Interchangeable Cassette System
› Grass Box Capacity: 65ltr
› Steel Front Roller / Cast Ribbed Split Rear Roller
› Domestic Warranty: 2 Years

Lawncare Cartridge Range

6 Additional interchangable lawncare cartridges that take the hard work out of garden maintenance all year round.
Whatever the garden task, the Fortis cartridge range will have a tool to complete the job with ease. Cobra Fortis lawnmowers have a range of interchangeable lawncare cartridges available which allow you to easily convert your mower to suit different lawn maintenance tasks. For example, you can switch from a 6-bladed cutting cylinder for general mowing to a scarifier cartridge for thatch removal or a verticutter cartridge for removing of lateral growth and coarser grasses.

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