EGO BH1001 Backpack Harness


The double shoulder straps are made with soft, padded material, plus back cushioning provides extra comfort during operation. A high current capacity cable connects the backpack to the tool (ADB1000 adapter included) and has a handy integrated carry handle for transporting the harness to and from storage or your place of work.

Take the weight off your arms so you can focus more on the task in front of you. The BH1001 backpack harness kit gives you the opportunity to do just that. Whether you’re giving your hedge a much-needed trim, or you’ve decided to tackle that overgrown patch of weeds and brambles, with the BH1001 you’ll be able to use your arms on what you need them to without any additional weight. The soft double padded shoulders and back cushioning give you extra comfort whilst in use, and the carrying handles makes it easy to transport between storage to your tasks. To connect this to your EGO Power+ tools, the quick plug-in and out connection can be used for our Professional-X tools, and via the ADB1000 adapter (included) for all other EGO tools.

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