EGO HT2600E 66cm Hedge Trimmer


Engineered to deliver impressive cutting ability from a single charge, the EGO Power+ Hedge Trimmer’s well-balanced design and clever features makes working outdoors easier and more comfortable. The rotating handle and dual trigger system provide enhanced user comfort and safety. While the smooth and quiet brushless motor and gearbox gives you all the power you need, without the vibration, emissions and noise of a petrol engine. EGO hedge trimmer blades are diamond ground and double sided for clean, precise cutting. All blades have large cutting capacities for tackling thicker hedges and are available in 51cm to 66cm lengths, to suit every size of hedge. Blade-tip protection stops damage from fences and walls. For safer working, the safety blade guard helps prevent injuries while the electric brake stops the blades when the trigger is released.

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