Bare Tool. Split Shaft.


Perfect for small gardens, this cordless line trimmer is powerful and efficient, and features a 33cm cutting width with two-speed control. The trimmer is supplied with 2.0mm nylon twist line which feeds into a bump head, so you can easily replace your line on the go. The quick adjust loop handle means you can set up the tool to a comfortable position for you.

This product is also sold as a kit. View ST1301E-S 33cm Line Trimmer.

With a cutting swath of 33cm the ST1300E-S cuts any task down to size. Backed up by our powerful brushless motor, you can enjoy better efficiency and runtime, plus less vibration for a comfortable experience. The tool is fitted with a loop handle, which you can adjust easily to suit your working style and weighs only 2.7kg before adding your battery of choice. This model comes without a battery and charger, so is perfect for those of you who are looking at adding to your collection of EGO battery-powered garden equipment.

The soft-start function and constant-speed control ensures consistent trimming, reducing any unnecessary power usage as you go. Our revolutionary Arc Lithium 56v battery will give you all the power you need to tackle the toughest conditions, and you can choose which size battery you’ll need to complete your tasks.

When you’re up against more stubborn, overgrown, or thicker areas, the two-speed modes mean you can ramp up the power to slice them away with ease. The free-rotating bump cap lets you rest the cutting head on the ground without being worn away, making purchasing replacements a thing of the past.

Cutting Width 33 cm
Run Time 2.5Ah Up to 70 mins
Run Time 4.0Ah Up to 110 mins
Run Time 5.0Ah Up to 140 mins
Run Time 7.5Ah Up to 210 mins
Speed Modes Two-speed
No Load Speed 5,200 – 6,500 rpm
Soft Start Yes
Line Diameter 2.0 mm
Line Feed Bump feed head
Dual Line Yes
Rotating Direction Clockwise
Auxiliary Handle Loop and quick adjust
Noise Rating 75 LpA
Noise Rating 93 LwA
Weight without Battery 2.7 kg
Vibration 2.1/1.2 M/S
Motor Type Brushless
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