Billy Goat QV550H Quiet Vac Outdoor Leaf Vacuum

Offering unbeatable suction-power; superior engineering; and simplicity-of-use, the Billy Goat QV550H will take large-scale clear-up jobs around stadia; educational institutions; visitor attractions; and other substantial sites in its stride.

Key to its impressive vacuum-performance is its volute housing; a unique feature that combines with a six-blade armour-plated steel impeller to ensure the QV550H delivers the best suction-power of any litter-vac currently in production. The impeller not only creates the air-stream that drives debris into the high-volume 136 litre collector – it also shreds twigs and leaves (and other organic material) into a mulch so as to maximise the bag’s capacity.

Some wheeled vacs can be almost impossible to use in dry conditions due to the dust they can create. The Billy Goat QV550H QuietVac Outdoor Vacuum gets around this problem thanks to its use of Billy Goat’s high-specification cyclonic filtration technology, which channels the air-flow in order to prevent dust escaping. A dust sock (optional) further enhances the machine’s dry-weather credentials.

The suction-height on the Billy Goat QV550H can be adjusted between 127mm and 762mm to suit the type of surface you’re working on. Front-mounted castor-wheels mean that turning is easy on any surface; while wide-profile turf-tyres to the rear help to prevent slipping and skidding on damp grass.

This push-type model is equipped with a powerful and exceptionally fuel-efficient 160cc overhead-cam engine from world-renowned Japanese manufacturer Honda.

Suitable for use on gravel, tarmac, slabs, block-paving and lawned areas.

Special Features:
* The world’s quietest wheeled-vacuum
* Superior lifting-power thanks to unique volute housing
* Cyclonic filtration keeps dust down in dry conditions
* Ultra-robust amour-plated fan with six super-sharp blades
* Green waste mulched at a ratio of 12.1 so more can be packed-in to the collector
* Rear turf-tyres and front castor-wheels for fingertip manoeuvrability
* Optional hose-kit available
* High-performance 4-stroke OHC engine from Honda

Specification for Billy Goat QV550H Quiet Vac Outdoor Vacuum
* Engine manufacturer: Honda
* Engine type: GX Series 4-stroke OHC
* Cylinder displacement: 163cc
* Propulsion: Push
* Nozzle-width: 84cm
* Suction-height adjustment: 1.27cm – 7.62cm
* Collection Capacity: 136 litre
* Mulching ratio: 12:1
* Hose-kit: Optional, 3m
* Weight: 73kg
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 160 x 84 x 130cm
* 1 Year Warranty

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