Westermann Honda Moss Brush WR870


With German engineering and a Honda engine the Westermann range of weed and moss brushes is the next generation alternative to pressure washing for both the commercial industry and domestic users.
Hard Surface Moss Removal

This powered wire brush will remove thick moss and light weeds from any hard surface. The clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of the brush allows you to get into the cracks and crevices where the moss resides, without the use of harsh chemicals or water.
Powered by Honda

Quality and performance come as standard in both Honda engine options. Day in and day out, professionals rely on the Honda GXV160 to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance. The Honda GCVx170 offers a slightly cheaper option, perfect for occasional use.
German Engineering

Manufactured in Germany, the belt driven machine comes with a jockey wheel situated underneath the brush that allows you to adjust the height of the bristles, enabling an aggressive or light brushing action. Thanks to the professional design, even on the most aggressive setting, the brush will not cause damage on block paving, tarmac and concrete. For more delicate surfaces we always recommend to carry out a test patch first.

Key Features

• 4-stroke Honda engine
• Clockwise and anticlockwise brush rotation
• Adjustable brush height
• 87cm diameter brush head
• Interchangeable brush heads
• Handlebars fold down for transit or storage
• Galvanised chassis
• 1 year commercial warranty
• HAVs rating: 2.36 m/s² GXV engine, or 4.61 m/s² GCV engine

Which surfaces does this Moss Brush work on?

• Block Paving
• Concrete
• Tarmac
• Brick / Stone setts
• Sports surfaces
• Rubber Play surfaces


Do you need to pre-treat with chemicals?

No, all of our Moss Brushes are designed to replace the use of chemicals.

What do the different brushes do?
• Wire Brush; moss, weeds, snow clearance, sweeping, leaf clearance, brightening hard surfaces, animal feed.
• Poly Brush; sweeping, snow clearance, animal feed, leaf clearance.
• Poly/Wire mix Brush; light moss and weeds, sweeping, snow clearance, animal feed, leaf clearance.

How frequently do I need to replace the brush?

The brushes will wear according to the type of surface the machine is used on, and how aggressive the brush height is set.
Wire Brush; 3,000m2 – 5,000 m2
Poly Brush; 100,000m2 – 120,000 m2
Poly/Wire mix Brush; 5,000m2 – 15,000 m2
To avoid un-necessary brush wear we recommend you spend a little time at the start of each use to set the brush height. You want just enough brush height to get the moss cleared, without wearing the brush excessively.
The brush will wear more rapidly when used up against a wall or kerb edge when the friction is also from the side.

What is the warranty?
The machine has a 1 year commercial-warranty. This is parts-only, provided by Westermann. Warranties cover all manufacturing defects.
The engine has a commercial warranty, provided by Honda

€2850 including VAT and delivery.

If extra Brush Heads are needed please contact us prior to ordering.

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