Westermann Honda Weed Ripper WKB660

With German engineering and a Honda engine, the Westermann range of weed and moss brushes is the next generation alternative to pressure washing for both the commercial industry and domestic users.

Hard Surface Weed Removal

This innovative weed ripper has 12 braided wire spinning brushes which will remove thick, overgrown weeds, and grass from any hard surface in one pass.

Over grown pathways can be quickly redefined by using the WKB660 as a lawn re-edging machine.
Powered by Honda

Quality and performance come as standard. Day in and day out, professionals rely on the Honda GXV160 engine to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance.
German Engineering

Manufactured in Germany, the unique design allows this machine to repeatedly attack the weeds from all angles thanks to individual rotation of the 3 holders.

Key Features

• Equipped with a high-quality Honda GXV160 OHV Engine
• Perfect for removing thick weeds and moss
• Guard flap lifts up to get close to kerbs and walls
• Eco-friendly; no chemicals or water required
• Handlebars fold down for storage or transit
• 660mm diameter brush head
• HAVs rating: 4.98 m/s2

What’s included?

• Westermann Weed Ripper Machine – WKB660
• 3 full sets of brushes (36 pieces)
• Safety guard (not shown in all images)
How long do the brushes last?

Each set of 12 brushes will clear a total area of approximately 700m2

Which surfaces does this weed brush work on?

• Block Paving
• Concrete
• Tarmac
• Brick

What’s the key difference between this Weed Ripper and the Moss Brush range?

This Weed Ripper is used predominately by contractors and landscapers to clear thick, overgrown weeds in one pass. The Moss Brush series is more equipped to efficiently clear moss, debris, and light weeds.

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